St Laurence's National School, Chapelizod

  Under the patronage of the Church of Ireland

Pupils from 3rd to 6th class continue to be busy with a variety of new projects! Here are some recent learning activities from the Senior Classroom...

Craft in the community

Following on from a brilliant visit from Felting artist Lorna, Senior Room pupils got to experience a Screen-printing workshop with Liam at his studio in Smithfield on Friday, 15th February. They learned about all the different technical stages involved in the screen-printing process, and how to use the specialist equipment to create their very own screenprint, in bright St Laurence's red! Well done everyone!!
Historical Walk through Chapelizod and Phoenix Park

Historical records date Chapelizod back to the 12th century and there is much to learn about the history of our community. On Thursday, 11th February, Rowena from the Chapelizod Historical Society escorted the senior room through Chapelizod and the Phoenix Park telling lots of fantastic tales about how local landmarks like King's Hall and Mariner's Hill got their names.  

Thank you Rowena for a wonderful history lesson!
Animation in Motion
The senior room pupils helped the junior room pupils to use the 'I can animate' app on the tablets. Using the rockets and backgrounds that the juniors made themselves, they created fabulous animations.

Children created clay characters and learned to make short Stop Motion films using the I Can Animate app on our tablets. We really enjoyed watching all the different adventures on film. 
We learned how to think about the proportions of the human face and body in life drawing, and there are some fantastic examples of how the children put this to use in their sketches of their classmates. They also created some really eye-catching Andy-Warhol style portraits, on display in our room.

All pupils worked in groups to choreograph their own short dances, using different body levels throughout. They did a great job, as you can see. We have moved on to Tag Rugby this month, where some equally artful moves are being displayed! 
Homework Projects
Senior pupils continue to impress with their individual takes on the optional Homework projects. We have heard amazing podcasts, read super reviews, seen excellent website pages, and participated in many well-researched Dragon's Den pitches... not to mention the wide variety of Kahoot quizzes - keep up the good work, everyone!