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Mask Making

Procedure following for Mask making inspired by Picasso's faces


Planting in the Junior Room

The children in the Junior room have been busy planting beans, which can be eaten, and China Asters, which will grow into lovely colourful flowers.  We also have potatoes growing in a bag of Revd Ruth's compost and strawberries which are already beginning to flower.

Junior Room Bird Identification and Care

In the junior room in January and February, we did lots of work on Environmental Awareness and Care. With so many beautiful trees and bushes around our school, we can always hear lots of bird song and particularly when the children are working very quietly! We thought it would be nice to learn about the garden birds who visit our school grounds and be able to identify their names from their appearance and even from their call. The children observed images of birds and just like the artist we studied called Robert Bateman, they created their own painted birds, really focusing on the colours, patterns, shapes and lines they observed in the photos they looked at.

In taking care of the birds, we also made some bird feeders to help out the little birds when the ground gets cold and hard and food may be difficult for them to source themselves.



'Ag déanamh pancóga' was our theme for Gaeilge in the junior classroom prior to Shrove Tuesday so we put all the phrases and vocabulary we had learned to good use in making delicious pancakes in the classroom. We even shared some with the senior room! We heard lots of expressions of 'Is maith liom...' 'Is breá liom....' agus 'Is aoibhinn liom...'!!

St Brigid's Crosses

The junior room pupils made their own interpretation of St. Brigid's crosses. We listened to the story of St. Brigid's cloak and learned about what a kind and generous person Brigid was.

Clay Candle Holders

In the junior classroom, we worked on making coiled pots from clay. The children really worked hard with their fine motor skills to roll out coils, create a structure and smooth the surfaces to build little pots, attaching stars and painting them to hold their nightlights.

Making Wreaths

Painting decorations for wreaths which our Parent Association will make and sell to raise money for our school.

Magical Handprints

We explored and investigated how different materials and substances would react when they were mixed together. We discovered that sometimes, there was no reaction but bread soda and turmeric had a magical reaction! We painted bread soda on our hands mixed with water and made handprints. When they were dry, we painted over them with a green paint solution without any exciting results but when we painted with turmeric mixed with water, ta da! Magic reddish handprints appeared!

The science:

Turmeric is a natural pH indicator. When it’s in contact with something alkaline, it turns red.

Polkadot Pumpkins

Finding Shapes in Houses

We observed houses around our school and drew the shapes and lines we saw.  We then translated this into clay, forming shapes and inscribing lines to make little houses of our own.

Stabilising Houses

The children were trying to figure out how to stabilise the pigs house so that the Big Bad Wolf wouldn't knock it down

20230512_091006_377 (1)_edited.jpg

Flowers      March 2023

For the month of March, The Flower Shop is our Aistear and SESE theme in the junior classroom. The children made some beautiful flowers from playdough which they imagined they would like to sell in our classroom florist!

     We Made Rockets   February 2023

Science Week in the Junior Room               November 2022

Junior Classroom Treat                                           June 2022

Boat Designing                                               May 2022

Active School Week - Ballet & Yoga                 May 2022

Active School Week - Orienteering                  May 2022

Butterflies                                              March / April 2022

Shadow Puppets                                              March 2022

Junior Room Percussion Instruments                 March 2022

Matisse Inspired Art                                              January 2022

Odd Sock Day                                               November  2021

Science Week 2021                            November  2021

The Construction Site - Science Week 2021                    

Treehouses - Mixed Media Art                       November 2021

Different Families Same Love                            October 2021

Making Playdough Pizzas                                    October 2021

Osmosis                                                                  October 2021

Role Play                                                            September 2021

Making Pizzerias                                                September 2021

Sign Language                                              June 2021

Junior Class Art Exhibition of Paintings Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe                                                     May 2021

Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Paintings                 May 2021

Junior Room Stick Sculptures in the Park           March 2021

Next Stage Theatre School                                   March 2021

Positive & Negative Space in Artwork               March 2021

Reading Together                                                   March 2021

Book in a Box                                                       March 2021

Creative Schools Workshop                                    December 2020

Art in the Junior Classroom                                November 2020

Science Week 2020                                               November 2020

Camouflaged Elephants

We had the most fun Art Class in the Junior Room this week. We discovered all about camouflage and made the most wonderful artwork. Click below and see how we did it.....

Easter Egg Hunt

All the children had loads of fun searching the school for their paper Easter eggs. Some of the pupils even solved riddles to help them find their hiding spots! Their reward for finding their egg was a delicious chocolate egg! Many thanks to the Parents’ Association for providing both the paper and chocolate eggs. Do you recognise any chick or bunny below????



The pupils in the junior room planted broad beans and designed beautiful castles in the clouds for the beans to grow towards. Hopefully with lots of care from their owners, the bean stalks will reach the castles in no time!


Egg Creatures

The junior classroom made tiny creatures to go inside their eggs..we had birds, monsters and all sorts!

Na Muca Beaga

We had great fun this month learning the story of Na Muca Beaga. We told the story with stick puppets and also used masks to make a little film version of the story re-told by us as Gaeilge. See our little snippets here!


Those were the days...

We examined some wonderful objects that people used to use in the past but we no longer use. It’s amazing what people can find in their houses! Some of the children brought in an old bike lamp, an old telephone and an old phone and MP3 player.

The senior room pupils helped the junior room pupils to use the 'I can animate' app on the tablets. Using the rockets and backgrounds that the juniors made themselves, they created fabulous animations.


Our Planets.... in song

We learnt this wonderful song which teaches us about all the planets in the solar system... Do have a listen....


Teddy Bears in SPACE.....

We had a teddy bears' picnic in space! We learned so much about space and the planets throughout January. We made space passports and also helmets to protect us on our journey. We saw the planets and the sun when we went to space and it was wonderful because we knew so much about them!


Lift off.................           We've landed.....


Junior Room Bake-off.....

The Junior Room had a wonderful baking afternoon on Thursday, 18th October. They prepared delicious biscuits for baking. Having been baked overnight, they were returned to the school the next morning for decorating. Not too sure how many biscuits made it home for tasting, but I am sure if you didn't happen to try one you would agree they were absolutely delicious!